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Xbox Live セール情報 4/12~4/18

Deal of the Week 4/12~4/18 (ゴールド限定)
・ロックマン10 – 400msp (50%off)
・バイオニックコマンドー:マスターD復活計画 – 400msp (50%off)
・Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – 600msp (50%off)
・Final Fight: Double Impact – 400msp (50%off、日本未配信)
・Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD – 600msp (50%off、日本未配信)

Microsoft Game Studios Sale 4/12~4/18
【Arcade titles】
・Toy Soldiers – 800msp (33%off)
・Perfect Dark – 400msp (50%off)
・Magic: The Gathering – 400msp (50%off)
・South Park – 400msp (50%off)
・Splosion Man – 400msp (50%off)
・Braid – 400msp (50%off)
・Snoopy Flying Ace – 400msp (50%off)
・Uno Rush – 400msp (50%off)
・Duke Nukem 3D – 400msp (50%off)
・Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project 400msp (50%off)

【Downloadable content】
・Halo Reach: Noble Pack – 400msp (50%off)
・Halo 3: Mythic II Pack – 400msp (50%off)
・Halo 3 Mythic Pack – 200msp (50%off)
・Gears of War 2: All Fronts – 400msp (50%off)
・Forza 3: Community Choice – 200msp (50%off)
・Forza 3: Sidewinder – 200msp (50%off)
・Forza 3: Hot Holidays – 200msp (50%off)
・Crackdown 2: Toy Box – 280msp (50%off)
・Crackdown 2: Deluge – 280msp (50%off)
・Alan Wake: The Writer – 280msp (50%off)
・Trials HD: Big Thrills – 200msp (50%off)

【Avatar accessories】
・Halo Reach: Emile Spartan Armour – 200msp (50%off)
・Halo 3: ODST Marine Armour – 200msp (50%off)
・Gears of War 2: Locust Armour – 160msp (50%off)
・Gears of War 2: Ticker Pet – 120msp (50%off)
・Fable 3: Warrior Helmet – 120msp (50%off)

・Limbo - 600msp (50%off)
・Trials HD - 600msp (50%off)
・Shadow Complex - 600msp (50%off)
・Castle Crashers - 600msp (50%off)
・Monday Night Combat - 600msp (50%off)


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